People are busy and do not have the time to waste trying to find the right person at a company who can help them.  We help people who have exhausted their patience trying to reach the right customer service representative, those who are not getting satisfactory outcomes if they do speak with someone, as well as people who do not want to engage that process at all.  

We will accept most issues but recommend that your claim have a minimum resolution value of $300.


Many business owners do not have the wherewithal or appetite to hire expensive law firms to negotiate every business dispute. Introducing attorneys can often escalate an issue, prolonging a final resolution as parties “lawyer up” and increasing the cost of settlement.  And sometimes issues totaling a few thousand dollars don’t seem worth pursuing. Businesses leave millions of dollars that belong in their pocket on the table every year.  Mycustomeradvocate.com is a low risk and low cost way for your business to go after the resolutions you deserve.  We do not charge by the hour so your costs do not go up if it takes longer for us to settle.  We specialize in helping entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized businesses by taking the stress of negotiating b2b issues off your hands, freeing your staff up to focus on business productivity and putting as much money back into your business as possible.  On larger ticket issues our services are a great and low cost intermediary step before retaining expensive legal services. We do not provide legal counsel or advice.